reate & Sustain A Successful Private Practice with Lynne Azpeitia, A Sacramento AAMFT-CAMFT Collaborative Workshop  Photo: Lynne Azpeitia

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The greatest genius will never be worth much if he pretends to draw exclusively from his own resources.     Goethe  


At Tastemade, my office neighbor, in Santa Monica     

Photo: Lynne Azpeitia

An uplifting presentation on private practice given by Lynne Azpeitia, MFT. It seemed that everyone was able to walk away with several ideas, good resources, and information.
— Kami Storck, President, Sacramento Valley CAMFT

Create & Sustain A Successful Private Practice Workshop for a Sacramento AAMFT- Sacramento Valley CAMFT Collaborative Event                         Photo: Lynne Azpeitia

Lynne provided us with her booklet, “Practical & Cost Effective Tools & Approaches”, a helpful guide containing much of the material that was covered in the presentation. It also provided a resource to be used as we continue to plan strategies to design our own practices.
— Eva Tak, MFT, Sacramento Valley CAMFT Newsletter

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Lynne Azpeitia helps Gifted, Talented & Creative Adults learn to use their talents, interests, abilities and skills for their own advantage 

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Feed Your Creativity  
You need your creativity in today’s busy, overscheduled world. Expand  your creativity.  Get more health, vitality and fun.  Be MORE creative.  Get over your creative blocks.  Have a rich creative life.  Stop starving your creativity.  Lynne Azpeitia, Creative Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist, tells you how.  

SUPERSIZE Your Creativity 
Be MORE Creative.  Overcome Creative Blocks. Have more creativity in your life.  Lynne Azpeitia, Creative Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist, tells you how.

Recipe For A Healthy Creative Life
Creativity is the key to health, well-being & prosperity. Start satisfying your creative needs.  Find out how you can satisfy your creative needs on a regular basis and live a healthy, creative life. Lynne Azpeitia, Creative Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist tells you how. 

Nurture Your Creative Self
Taking time to be creative increases your health & well-being. Get more health, vitality and fun.  Stop starving your creative self.  Start living a healthy creative life.  Feed your creativity.  Lynne Azpeitia, Creative Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist tells you how.

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Create & Sustain A Successful Private Practice & Career

Find out what you can do today, whether you are a licensed therapist, intern, trainee or student, to create, maintain or revitalize your private practice using practical and cost-effective tools and approaches to networking, finding and developing referral sources, marketing, building relationships and partnerships, and getting and keeping clients. 

Take heart. Whether you want a full time practice with your own office or sharing one, or a part time practice renting space by the day or hour, this presentation will help you move forward to build a successful business and to sustain a practice that is ideal for you--it will also help you find the jobs you want and to make advances in your career.

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Giftedness, Creativity & ADD: Positive Aspects

All too often we hear only about the negative aspects of AD/HD & ADD.  Join us for the flip side of the coin.  Learn about the many positive aspects of AD/HD & ADD and how to tap into them....whether they are yours or a child's.

Giftedness, creativity, AD/HD and ADD are accompanied by daily challenges that can be daunting at times.  People who are gifted, creative and have AD/HD or ADD need a special kind of encouragement, support and informed guidance to 
 •    help achieve their goals and realize their dreams.                   
 •    identify and work through blocks and conflicts   
 •    develop skills for dealing with and solving problems and meeting challenges  
Understanding the positive aspects of giftedness, creativity and AD/HD or ADD and how you can utilize them is important to self-esteem, success and well-being in life, love and work.  Join us as we explore these positive aspects and how you can put them to work for you.Get rid of confusion, negative thinking, stereotypes and misinformation.    
 •     Find out how you can create a meaningful, successful life    
 •    Gain an understanding of yourself, your special abilities & unique needs 
 •    Learn how to meet your needs and manage your relationships
 •    Learn to use yourself and your talents for your own advantage

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Present Yourself Successfully Professionally

What kind of professional presence do you have? Are you memorable or forgettable?  Learn how to present yourself and your work effectively so you stand out from the crowd.  Find out how you can to make the right impression, engage your audience and have more impact. 

Present Yourself Successfully When You Talk

Feel confident when you talk about yourself and what you do. Learn how you can grab the attention of the people you meet--and say the right things when you introduce yourself.  Find out what you can do to stimulate conversation about you and what you do--distinguish yourself from others and be remembered.

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Giftedness, Creativity & ADD: Positive Aspects
CHADD San Fernando Valley Chapter  

SUPERSIZE Your Creativity
Co-Opportunity,  Santa Monica

Feed Your Creativity
Whole Foods, West Los Angeles

Recipe For A Healthy Creative Life
Co-Opportunity, Santa Monica

Lynne Azpeitia, MFT
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Lynne Azpeitia 
The Gifted Adult Coach

Lynne brought energy and personality to her presentation. She held our attention while challenging us to envision our ideal careers and practices. It was an informative and thought provoking presentation that left us with the tools and information to revamp an existing practice or start a new business.
— Eva Tak, MFT, Sacramento Valley CAMFT

Cavalia's Odysseo, Burbank, California  Photo: Lynne Azpeitia