Life as we love it.  Life as we imagine it. Life as we wish it. Life as we enjoy it. Life as we feel it.   Life as we hear it. Life as we hear it. Life as we see it.

Life as we love it. 
Life as we imagine it.
Life as we wish it.
Life as we enjoy it.
Life as we feel it.  
Life as we hear it.
Life as we hear it.
Life as we see it.

Good leadership starts by finding talented people, giving them a safe space to cultivate their creativity, and letting them grow into their full potential under careful guidance—not a controlling thumb.
— Tim Brown


Creativity in group problem solving requires the skill of tolerating and considering diverse and divergent ideas. It requires the highest level of interpersonal skills to bring this about.
                                           Paul Torrance

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Lynne Azpeitia 
The Gifted Adult Coach

The greatest people are self-managing. They don’t need to be managed. Once they know what to do, they’ll go figure out how to do it and they don’t need to be managed at all. What they need is a common vision, and that’s what leadership is. What leadership is is having a vision, being able to articulate that so that people around you can understand it, and getting a consensus on a common vision.
— Steve Jobs

The Five Most Powerful Ways to Annoy Others
Harriet Rubin
So if you want to compete in the new Power Olympics, what are the top five negative attributes-- or "annoyances,"  that you can claim as your own?.....More

Want to Be a Creative Leader? Look to the Garden
Tim Brown
I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat. When making a meal, the spontaneity of grabbing fresh herbs and other homegrown ingredients from the garden is an essential part of the whole process. Over the years, I’ve given a lot of thought to what gardening, design, and creative leadership have in common. More...

Management Insight and Leadership Secrets of the Legendary Former CEO of General Electric
Managers muddle - leaders inspire. Leaders are people who inspire with clear vision of how things can be done better. "What we are looking for are leaders at every level who can energize, excite and inspire rather than enervate, depress, and control."  Create a vision and then ignite your organization to make this vision a reality.  Get people so passionate about what they are doing that they cannot wait to execute this plan. Have great energy, competitive spirit and the ability to spark excitement and achieve results. Search for leaders who have the same qualities.....More

 The Law of Two Feet 
 Nynke Etk Fokma 
An important ingredient of Open Space meetings is the Law of Two Feet, which states simply, "If at any time you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, use you two feet and move to some place more to you liking. Such a place might be another group, or even outside into the sunshine. No matter what, don’t sit there feeling miserable."  More....

What We Look for In Founders
Paul Graham, Y Combinator
Determination. This has turned out to be the most important quality in startup founders. We thought when we started Y Combinator that the most important quality would be intelligence. That's the myth in the Valley. And certainly you don't want founders to be stupid. But as long as you're over a certain threshold of intelligence, what matters most is determination. You're going to hit a lot of obstacles....More


Creativity Step by Step: A Conversation with Twyla Tharp
Diane Coutu

I think everyone can be creative, but you have to prepare for it with routine. There’s no other way around it. It’s an absolute mistake to think that art is not practical—or that business cannot be creative. The best artists are extraordinarily practical. The most creative painters I know mix their own paint, grind it, put in the fixative. They make use of everything they have at their disposal. In my own work, everything is raw material. But without proper preparation—habit, if you will—I couldn’t see that raw material or know how to use it..More

The Steve Jobs I Knew
Walt Mossberg

That Steve Jobs was a genius, a giant influence on multiple industries and billions of lives, has been written many times... He was a historical figure on the scale of a Thomas Edison or a Henry Ford, and set the mold for many other corporate leaders in many other industries.
He did what a CEO should: Hired and inspired great people; managed for the long term, not the quarter or the short-term stock price; made big bets and took big risks. He insisted on the highest product quality and on building things to delight and empower actual users, not intermediaries like corporate IT directors or wireless carriers. And he could sell. Man, he could sell.
 As he liked to say, he lived at the intersection of technology and liberal arts.  More