To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in life.
Robert Louis Stevenson

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Change your mind. Change your job. Change your money. Change your life.
— Chellie Campbell

Personal & Life Coaching for Gifted Adults

Gifted Adult Coaching Helps You Develop a Game Plan for Life, Love & Work

Start living brilliantly.
You have everything to gain.


You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.
Billy Wilder

 Personal & Life Coaching

  • Successful self, life, relationship and career management
  • Self care, stress reduction, dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Navigating transitions, crisis, and changes
  • Goal setting, planning for change, visioning the future
  • Transforming preconceived notions about success, concerns about money, doubts about your abilities

Lynne Azpeitia's private coaching sessions provide each client with useful information, skills, strategies, solutions and resources that are specifically tailored to individual needs, situations and circumstances of each gifted and creative adult. The direction and goals of coaching are determined during the initial phase of coaching.

If you would like to explore the possibility that Gifted & Creative Adult Coaching may be of benefit to you,  e-mail or call Lynne Azpeitia at (310) 828-7121 to schedule a free phone consultation. 

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Lynne's coaching services are available at her Santa Monica office, by Skype or telephone, or at the client's location. Packages and prices vary.

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The usual time for this no cost consultation is 20-30 minutes.  After you'll have a much clearer idea whether hiring Lynne to help you achieve your goals is for you. 

During the consultation Lynne will also discuss the available coaching packages and fees.

Lynne Azpeitia, MFT
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Encouraging, supporting and guiding gifted adults to achieve their goals and realize their dreams

Coaching, Psychotherapy & Consultation

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Lynne Azpeitia
The Gifted Adult Coach

A professional, personal or life coach is a person trained to assist you in articulating what you want in your personal and professional life and then to support you to achieve it.
— Sandi Epstein

Photo: Lynne Azpeitia

To get a sense of Lynne Azpeitia's approach to coaching Gifted & Creative Adults, take a look at her article Successful Coaching and Psychotherapy with Multi-Talented Gifted and Creative Adults.

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