Front Door of Lynne Azpeitia's Office


Keeping the Light On for You 

Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT

NMS Studios 
3025 W. Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

(310) 828-7121

Lynne Azpeitia's Office Door is at the top of the stairs.

Lynne Azpeitia's Office Door is at the top of the stairs.


From Los Angeles:
1. Take the Santa Monica Freeway (10) West and exit at Centinela.  Take Centinela until it dead ends into Olympic. 

Main Atrium & Waiting Area. Lynne Azpeitia's Office is to the left, up the stairs.

Main Atrium & Waiting Area. Lynne Azpeitia's Office is to the left, up the stairs.

Centinela is the second exit after the junction of the San Diego (405) and Santa Monica (10) Freeways. 

2.  Turn left on Olympic.  You will be going west.  

(You must be going west on Olympic to turn into the driveway where NMS Studios is because Olympic has a median that prevents turns if you are traveling east.)

3. Continue going west on Olympic after crossing the next signal/cross street which is Centinela. Yes, Centinela again.  It splits at Olympic.  

4. Going west on Olympic after the signal make sure you are in the right lane.  

After you cross the Centinela intersection you will see two or three buildings on your right and then a new three story modern building, New Roads School that has the numbers 3131 visible on it. 

5. Turn right/north into the driveway immediately after the modern building--New Roads School. (about 5 lots after Centinela.)

6. As you are turning into the driveway you will see the sign that says "NMS Studios".

7. The first building on your left will say NMS Studios above the main door. My office is inside this building.  After you park you will go inside the door here.

8. Parking BEFORE 5:30 pm Monday-Friday: 

Continue through the parking lot until you reach  Nebraska Street.  

Park on Nebraska where there is 1 hour and 10 hour metered or free parking.  

You should allow for 2 hours of parking--your session time, any additional business time, and walking to and from where you've parked.

Bring quarters for the meter--the meters now also take credit cards.

Read the signs and don't park on the North side of Nebraska where it says parking by permit only or you will get an expensive ticket.


Don't park in the NMS Studios lot before 5:30 pm or you will be towed since all spaces are reserved.

Parking AFTER 5:30 pm Monday-Friday & on Weekends: 
 AFTER 5:30 pm Monday-Friday & on weekends you may park in any of the NMS Studios reserved parking spaces.

9. If you've parked on Nebraska: 
Walk back through the parking lot and enter the one story main building that says NMS Studios. The front door usually remains unlocked until 5:30 pm.

10. If the main door is locked call or text Lynne Azpeitia at 310-828-7121 and I will come and open the front door--once in a while the automatic lock is triggered before 5:30 pm.

11.  Go in the front door and down the center/main hallway--you can see an atrium with an mustard colored circular wall, a few steps, and street lights.  Yes, streetlights!

12. When you arrive in the circular atrium area where the yellow circular wall, street lights and round tables are, there is only one office door in that area and it is mine.  It says: LA Creative Development on the door.



Lynne Azpeitia's Office
is in
The NMS Studios Building on Olympic between Centinela and  Stewart.

3025 Olympic Blvd, Suite 208
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
     (310) 828-7121